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SPA TREATMENT NMN Eye Mask (60 pcs) NMN时光逆龄蛇毒眼膜 (60枚入)

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SPA TREATMENT NMN Eye Mask (60 pcs) NMN时光逆龄蛇毒眼膜 (60枚入)

  • Contains snake venom-like component. A sheet mask for partial care that gives firmness and moisture to the eyes and mouth where dry wrinkles are likely to occur.
  • The topical ingredient NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) reaches the deep part of the skin (up to the stratum corneum) in nano size, and prepares the skin to be lively.
  • A peptide with a hyaluronic acid booster action moisturizes and fluffs your dry skin.
  • Uses a custom-made sheet made of a material and shape with excellent adhesion. By pulling it up, you can expect a lift-up effect.
  • Use 2 sheets a day for 30 times. Special care can be done every day.

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