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(Combo Set)LION Systema Toothbrush - Spiral Toothbrush (Compact+ Regular)- 3 pcs

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LION Systema Toothbrush - Spiral Toothbrush (Compact +Regular)- 3 pcs

Product Description

* All round deep cleaning: The twisting design of the spiral bristles create the concave-convex surface on the bristles, thus, can thoroughly remove the plaque hide between teeth and gums in a speedy way, and lead to deep cleaning function.
* White & shiny teeth: Spiral pattern can increase the contact point of the bristles & teeth surface, clean the surface of the teeth closely; thoroughly remove stain, make teeth white & shiny.
* Promoting the flexibility of bristles: Enhancing the flexibility of bristles, made it more elastic, enrich the cleaning feeling during teeth & gums massage.

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