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(Bulk Sale) LION Systema Spiral Toothbrush - 3 pcs 獅王適齒美超極細軟尖毛螺旋牙刷 X2

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LION Systema Spiral Toothbrush - 3 pcs 獅王適齒美超極細軟尖毛螺旋牙刷 X2

 MDEL Licence Number 6925

* Multi-angle deep cleansing: The twisted design of the spiral bristles makes the bristles form a concave and convex surface, so that the stubborn tartar hidden between the teeth and gums can be completely and quickly removed from multiple angles to achieve a deep cleansing effect.
* White and bright teeth: The spiral design increases the contact points between the bristles and the surface of the teeth, close to the clean tooth surface, delicately remove stains, and make the teeth white and bright.
* Upgraded bristles flexibility: The bristles have greatly improved flexibility, making the texture more elastic, and enriching the clean touch of massaging the teeth and gums.

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