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Combo Set of KOBAYASHI Toilet Wipe Liquid (120ml) 小林馬桶抑菌清潔劑

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KOBAYASHI Toilet Wipe Liquid (120ml) 小林馬桶抑菌清潔劑

  • With one press you detergent for cleaning and disinfecting your room, a little bit of dirt to get you can clean toilet seat Toilet Paper.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting components, and acts to keep always clean the toilet
  • Used about 100 times.
  • Toilet paper turns into a cleaning and sterilizing sheet with just one push.
  • One can be used as a cleaning sheet for about 100 sheets.

How to use:

  • When using, turn the top of the cap to the right until it stops.
  • Fold about 70 cm of toilet paper to an appropriate size.
  • Press the folded toilet paper against the top of the cap.
  • When you finish using it, flush it down the toilet.
  • After use, turn the top of the cap to the left until it stops.
  • * Hold it firmly with paper so that it will not be inhaled.
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