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IPSA The Time Reset Aqua (200ml) 流金水 (200ml)

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IPSA The Time Reset Aqua(200ml)流金水 (200ml)

IPSA’s Time Reset Aqua is an award-winning lotion launched in 2008 for the first time. The current one is the 4th generation. It has won many awards for the best cosmetic product, such as the one from Vogue Japan in 2016.

It’s a medicated moisturizing lotion that keeps hydration within the skin and which also improves the skin texture.

It’s alcohol-free since the latest formulation and it contains 2 active soothing and conditioning ingredients (tranexamic acid and glycyrrhetic acid) to at the same time lighten the skin and prevent inflammation.


  • The skin can only absorb a certain amount of water. Time Reset Aqua contains an original ingredient “aqua presenter III”, which uses 3 different functions of water so that it can provide the skin with the necessary and only the requested amount of moisture it needs. The “aqua presenter III”:
  • moisturizes deep inside the skin
  • links the water and the skin, underneath the surface to protect the moisture inside
  • creates a moisturizing layer on the surface

Time Reset Aqua deeply moisturizes the skin for hours.


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