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KOBAYASHI Shoshu Gen Air Fresher- White Peach (400ml) 小林消臭空氣清新劑 - 白桃

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KOBAYASHI Shoshu Gen Air Fresher- White Peach (400ml) 小林消臭空氣清新劑 - 白桃

  • Kobayashi Shoushugen Shoushugen For room
  • Shaba Shaba will restore the scent.
  • Pull up the filter paper and adjust the scent to your liking.
  • 400ml (lasts 1.5-3 months) due to its large capacity.
  • The large filter paper deodorizes the unpleasant odor in the room. Fresh white peach scent with a fresh feeling that expresses the freshness of freshly picked fruits.
  • The scent of "white peach" is an image of juicy and fresh white peach that expresses the flesh of a slightly sweet peach.

How to use:

  • Peel off the upper label along the perforation from the opening.
  • Pull the outer cap while tilting it back and remove the outer cap.
  • Turn the inner cap in the direction of the arrow to loosen it sufficiently.
  • Slowly pull the inner cap straight up.
  • Close the outer cap by tightly closing it.

楽天市場】小林製薬 お部屋の消臭元 白桃 400ml:コーナンeショップ 楽天市場店

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