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KOSE Clear Turn Komachi Mssk (7pcs) 毛孔小町

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KOSE Clear Turn Komachi Mssk (7pcs) Pore Komachi

  • "Stand out your pores" & "Skin Conditions" W care. For the smoothest earthenware skin
  • Gentle to use: Weak acid-free, color-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, UV absorbing agent, silicone free
  • Can also be used for exfoliating care. Made with uneven high adhesion sheets
  • Relaxing floral scent
  • Illustrator "Yasuna" design package
  • Amazon | KOSE クリアターン 毛穴小町マスク (国産米発酵エキス × CICA) フェイスパック7枚入 おまけ付 | クリアターン |  部分パック 通販

The new product "Kane Komachi Mask" of "Clear Turn" released in February 2022 won many best cosmetics!  |Press release from Kose Cosmeport Co., Ltd.

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