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EVE QUICK Headache & Pain Killer (40 tablets) 头痛药温和快速版 (40锭)

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EVE QUICK Headache Medicine (40 tablets) 头痛药温和快速版 (40锭)

“Eve Quick Headache Relief” is formulated for effective treatment of headaches.
In addition to ibuprofen, it contains allyl isopropylacetylurea and caffeine anhydrous for effective pain relief. Also contains ingredients to aid in the absorption of ibuprofen while protecting the gastric mucosa (stomach lining).

● Quick-absorbing, fast-acting pain relief
● Gentle on the stomach and protects the stomach lining.

Work fast to [Features 1] painful headache

[Features 2] friendly to the stomach
Eve Quick headache drugs, proprietary formulation blended with magnesium oxide in analgesic ingredient ibuprofen.
Magnesium oxide, promote the absorption of the neutralized analgesic ingredient gastric acid, by at the same time protect the gastric mucosa, was it possible to achieve both of kindness to the quick effect and stomach against headache.

● headache, stiff neck pain, toothache, menstrual pain (menstrual cramps) • throat pain, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, back pain, pain, bruise pain, ear pain, fracture pain, sprains pain-traumatic pain after tooth extraction pain relief ● antipyretic at the time of chills, fever

How to Use:

The following single dose and up to three times a day, as much as possible to avoid the fasting with water or lukewarm water Please take. Please take interval is at least 4 hours.

[Age] adult (over 15 years old):

[1 dose] 2 tablets

[Age] less than 15 years old:

[1 dose] Not to be taken

Note related to the dosage and administration (1) Please adhere to the dosage and administration. (2) How to take out of the tablet Break the back of the aluminum foil the convex portion of the PTP sheet that contains the tablet press strongly with your fingertips, please drink is taken out. (Incorrectly lead to an unexpected accident such as pierce the esophageal mucosa and swallowed as it is.)

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