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Chao-Wen Chen's "Comfortable Life. Comfortable Taste". The Owner of Si Zhi Tang Restaurant, Taiwan.

"When life is as natural and simple as brushing teeth or breathing that makes me relaxed and comfortable---- that is the lifestyle for me" said by Chao-Wen Chen, the owner of Si Zhi Tang restaurant, who has accumulated over 30 years of life experiences, shared his unique and exclusive insights of life & style.

Chao-Wen Chen’s Comfortable Life. Comfortable Taste. The

Although it was strongly opposed by his family, Chao-Wen Chen had insisted on following the voice of his heart to start the artistic career as inspired by his study in Fine Arts. As more attributing to the cultivation of art, Chao-Wen Chen has broadened his horizon and skills and gained much life experience through constantly exploring new things, thus funneled his own unique taste and preferences. After completing his studies, Chao-Wen Chen worked his professionalism in the design industry, then switched his career to advertising and music record company. However, as the frustration of this market and environment overwhelming, he resolutely gave up everything to set his foot in the catering industry. It has been non-stop 21 years until now ever since his determination took place.Chao-Wen Chen’s Comfortable Life. Comfortable Taste. The
( Part of Si Zhi Tang restaurant, it's simple but meticulous food and comfortable dining environment, creating a home-like feeling.)

"Every day is equally important in our lives; therefore, we should follow our own hearts and live in our own favorite ways and environment to have a comfortable life. As long as we do things we like, no matter what difficulties come, we are with the courage to face and handle them". Chao-Wen Chen believes that everyone naturally knows one's own needs. In Chao-Wen Chen's ideas, eating is the simplest need, thus the restaurant is part of our basic needs. In Chao-Wen Chen's restaurant, every food and display are in its basic forms– providing the simple and easy happiness when enjoying the quality food in a comfortable and relaxing environment with your friends and families.

A lesson from operating the restaurant to Chao-Wen Chen is: the temperament and taste are accumulated from the heart, and they come in detail-orientated. When you pay attention to every detail, everything will fall in the right place. Such as the lighting in the restaurant that does not make customers feel dazzling from any and that makes them comfortable in the space. Chao-Wen Chen believes that only when we feel relaxed and live a simple life every day, we are satisfied with our own need. That is when we can have the most suitable and comfortable life & style for ourselves.

In Lifecode Boutique, we believe in "You are what you eat " and "You are how you live ". As sharing the same values of Chao-Wen Chen who likes to keep the attitudes of keeping simple, relaxing and comfortable lifestyle, Lifecode Boutique carefully selects every product as each of them acts as the code of a unique lifestyle presentation, little things yet vibe with taste.

Chao-Wen Chen’s Comfortable Life. Comfortable Taste. The

(Si Zhi Tang restaurant attracts people from all over the world for its elaborate Taiwanese cuisine and comfortable environment.)