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((Big Sale$1 )) ETUDE HOUSE BeBe Foot Mask 足部專用去角質膜 (1 pair ) Exp.2022.05.21

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((Big Sale$1 )) ETUDE HOUSE BeBe Foot Mask 足部專用去角質膜 (1 pair ) Exp.2022.05.21

ETUDE取名靈感來自於鋼琴詩人蕭邦的「練習曲」。作為女孩子於化妝、護膚入門的首個接觸品牌;ETUDE HOUSE有著化妝及護膚教學的使命。秉持著優良品質、甜美體驗、高性價比三大優勢,ETUDE HOUSE迅速成為韓國最具代表性的美妝品牌。完美融合甜美造型與潮流驚喜,帶給女孩護膚、彩妝、頭髮護理、身體保養、香水香氛、指甲造型、美容配件…等共超過一千件個商品。Etude House 專用去角質滋養足膜 BeBe Foot Mask,含天然果酸、維他命A, C, E及玻尿酸
去角質同時提供肌膚水份, 有效舒緩足部浮腫,包裝甜美玩味LOVELY、方便易用,在美妝旅程帶出 #LifeIsSweet的甜美時刻。

ETUDE takes its name from the "Etudes" of piano poet Chopin. As a girl's first contact with makeup and skincare, ETUDE HOUSE has the mission of makeup and skincare education. Adhering to the three advantages of excellent quality, sweet experience and high cost performance, ETUDE HOUSE has quickly become the most representative beauty brand in Korea. The perfect combination of sweet styling and trendy surprises brings skincare, makeup, hair care, body care, perfumes, nail styling, beauty accessories, etc. to girls for a total of more than 1,000 items. Etude House BeBe Foot Mask Exfoliating Nourishing Foot Mask with Natural Fruit Acid, Vitamins A, C, E and Hyaluronic Acid
The exfoliation also provides skin moisture, soothes the puffiness of the feet effectively, packs sweet and fun LOVELY, easy to use, and brings out the sweet moment of #LifeIsSweet during the beauty journey.

含天然果酸、維他命A, C, E及玻尿酸,去角質同時提供肌膚水份, 有效舒緩足部浮腫,3層防滲漏不織布設計, 腳套方便使用

Contains natural fruit acid, vitamins A, C, E and hyaluronic acid, exfoliates and provides skin moisture, effectively soothes foot puffiness, 3 layers of anti-leak non-woven design, easy to use

注意, 避免腳踝以下有傷口時使用

Avoid: using when there is a wound below the ankle

使用方法:洗腳擦乾後, 如圖套上腳膜, 待60-90分鐘, 然後清洗即可

How to use: After washing the feet and drying them, put on the foot mask as shown in the figure, leave it for 60-90 minutes, and then wash

注意: 使用4-6天後角質開始自然脫落, 不要強行撕下, 待約2周後, 足底即可回復嬰兒肌膚般嫩滑

Note: After 4-6 days of use, the keratin will begin to fall off naturally. Do not tear it off forcibly. After about 2 weeks, the soles of the feet will be as smooth as baby skin.


Recommended:use once or twice a month

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