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CECILE MAIA Body Hair Removal Cream - Rub and Wipe to Remove (200g) 涂抹型除毛膏

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CECILE MAIA Body Hair Removal Cream (200g) 除毛膏

Quick hair removal in one minute, fast hair removal, simple and convenient to use!


[How to Use]

1. Take a quarter amount of the content and put it on the inner side of your arm for 5 minutes to test if you are allergic to this product
2. After shower, while your body is still wet, apply a single layer of content (1-3mm thick) on the areas that have unwanted body hairs
3. Leave it on for 1-5 minutes depending on the length and thickness of your body hairs are (leave it longer if needed)
4. Use a towel/cotton pad to remove the content OR rinse it off with lukewarm water


Cecile Maia - Hair Remover - 200g


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