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紀陽除虫菊 童話の森 BOOK vol.1 Children's Storybook Bath Salt (6 packs)

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紀陽除虫菊 童話の森 BOOK vol.1 Children's Storybook Bath Salt (6 packs)

Six cute fairy tale-themed bath salts are bound like a picture book in the "Fairy Tales Forest Gift Book" bath salt. The color and scent of hot water are mixed according to the image of the story such as "Red Riding Hood" and "Wizard of Oz". Cute illustrations and short stories are posted on the package. You can enjoy the world of fairy tales while taking a bath.

[How to enjoy] You can enjoy hot water, scents, illustrations, and stories while taking a bath. Six different fairy tales unfold as you turn the page. Please choose your favorite story according to the mood of the day. While taking a bath and enjoying the color and scent of the water, you can immerse yourself in the world of the story with the illustrations on the front side of the package and the short story on the back side.
[Please at such times] ・ When you want to create a wonderful bath time at home. ・ When you want to read aloud to your child in the bath. ・ It is also recommended as a gift for loved ones.
[6 types of bath salts] "Akazukin-chan" -Hot water color: Milky pink-Scent: Freshly picked apple scent "Hansel and Gretel's sweets house" -Hot water color: Milky yellow-Scent: Honey scent "Alice's tea" Meeting "・ Hot water color: Milky ・ Fragrance: Ha



The package is insanely cute!

かわいすぎる入浴剤!〝童話の森ギフト BOOK〟が素敵すぎる | Domani


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