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(Pre-Order) CiCHi Double Happiness Chinese Wedding Cup

Wish The Couple A Lifetime of Limitless Happiness!
Give them a gift of wishes of their happy union

In Chinese culture, one of the most important rituals on the wedding date is the "Tea Ceremony".

The bride offers tea to the groom's parents to show her respect for the elderly.
Acceptance of the tea, in return, symbolizes that the family has welcomed the bride into the groom's family.
Double "Ci" represents the beginning of a sweet marriage and eternal happiness.

The Chinese characters are full of fun. They are embedded with cultural insight, and they are a form of art.
When the character, "Ci", which means “happiness” with a sense of love and joy, combines with another, it becomes a celebration of two people’s union.
According to legend, the origin of the "double Ci" is from the famous poet Wang Anshi’s witticism in the Northern Song Dynasty when he won the first place of the government exam and at the same time got married to a lovely wife.
He happily expressed his joy with a poem: “The perfect match forms a double happiness song. The lanterns of horses and flying tigers tie a silky knot .”
And since then, the double "Ci" has become the logo representing the couple's commitment to each other at the wedding day.

Product Information

Tea Cup:
- Material: Cups - Porcelain/Tray - Bamboo
- Product Size: 120(D)*240(W)*90 (H) mm
- Made in Taiwan

Coffee Mug:
- Material: Cups - Porcelain
- Product Size: 80(D)*125(W)*95 (H) mm
- Made in Taiwan

The small happiness cups are paired with a bamboo tray for easy grip.

Two slightly recessed surface for keeping the cups in position, to prevent slippage.

When you open the package, you immediately see the image of the bride serving tea in action. Doesn't it bring out the elegant oriental atmosphere even more?

Moreover, the tea cups are safely secured with cutout foam box inserts so don't worry about shipping. Simply rest assured.

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