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CLAYGE Fluffy and Supple S Shampoo / Treatment (500ml)

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CLAYGE Shampoo S/ Treatment S (500ml)

▲Airy scalp care

  • S series (fluffy and supple) suitable for ethnic groups: people with soft hair, scalp odor, and those who are looking for roots and fluffy
  • Irresistible airy hair to create a natural hair body
  • Maintain healthy scalp

CLAYGE Shampoo S

Clay absorbs dirt of scalp and conditions the scalp environment. Moreover it can make even unsmooth hair a moist finish without coarseness.

CLAYGE Treatment S

Special ingredients repairs damaged hair deeply.
You can get a smooth texture and shiny hair.

【Main ingredients】

1. Unique sea mud, strong dirt adsorption, help the scalp to remove excess grease and moisture.

2. Use herbal extracts such as ginger root to soothe the scalp and bring a cool and firm feeling with mint.

3. The baobab extract and grape polyphenols concentrate on the cuticle of the epidermis to impart supple elasticity and luster to the hair.

4. Luxurious and elegant floral and fruity notes

Top taste - apple, pear
Middle taste-rose, Linglan
Aftertaste - white flowers, musk


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