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KOJI Springheart Eyebrow Pen - Light Brown/Brown x 4

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4 for $19.99 KOJI Springheart Eyebrow Pen - Light Brown/Brown

 Cannot mix and match

A versatile eyebrow pencil with an oval shape that's perfect for both bold strokes and delicate definition.

Complete with corkscrew brush.

Oval shape:

Oval shape (2x3mm) specially designed for bold and delicate lines alike.

Use the surface of the liner to fill in the front edge and center of the brows, then shape and accentuate using the edge.

Liner surface for the front and center of the brows.

Liner edge for the outer brows.

With corkscrew brush:

Complete with a handy corkscrew-type brush.

Use to tidy the eyebrows before application and for blending pencil lines.

For a professional finish at a fraction of the price.

Optimal hardness:

Pencil hardness carefully selected to ensure easy and even application.

Long-lasting type:

With a long-lasting formulation that's wear-resistant, to ensure day-long brow definition.

Automatic feed:

No need to sharpen away the pencil itself; the crayon feeds automatically through the liner casing.

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