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LUCIDO-L Creamy Milk Hair Color Remake - Natural Black

LUCIDO-L Creamy Milk Hair Color Remake - Natural Black

Milk Jam Hair Color Remake. glossy and natural black.

A trendy hair dye kit from LUCIDO-L Japan, it contains honey, collagen, pearl extract, silk essence and tsubaki oil contents, nourishes your hair while coloring. With special formula to minimize the odour arise during coloring.

Made in Japan

How to Use
1. Put on the enclosed gloves, add Agent 1 into Agent 2 slowly & carefully
2. Close the lid and shake it up & down for 15 seconds (30 times) in order to ensure a thoroughly mixing
3. Once mixed, quickly remove the lid, replace it with the brush nozzle, apply it immediately to the hair. For detail ways of application, please refer to the manual.
4. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes
5. Rinse off with warm water until the color runs off, and shampoo the hair
6. Wash with the included hair treatment pack.

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