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ROHTO Yang Jun Water Eye Drop (13ml)

ROHTO Yang Jun Water Eye Drop (13ml)

✶Please read this product carefully before using this product.

Le Dun Yang Run Shui is a brand new concept of eye care and eye care created by Le Dun Pharmaceutical in its long-term research and development: daytime fatigue and night care.

Nighttime is a period of vigorous metabolism of cells, which is stronger than self-healing ability during the day. The corneal epithelial cells of the eye are no exception. Le Dun Pharmaceutical has been tested and confirmed that corneal epithelial cells have stronger cell proliferation ability under nighttime dark conditions, and the increase of new cells can promote corneal repair. With this in mind, LeDong Pharmaceutical has developed the Ledong moisturizing water suitable for use in the “eye-opening time” at night.

The moisturizing aquatic product is supplemented with chondroitin sulfate which promotes corneal repair and various nutrients which promote the metabolism of corneal cells, as well as a highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid component, which gently moisturizes dry and tired eyes. Use before bedtime to help your eyes recover quickly from the accumulated fatigue during the day.

【Function and effect】
This product is suitable for eye fatigue, blurred vision, prevention of eye diseases (such as when dust or sweat enters the eyes after swimming), discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses

1 to 3 drops once, and 5 to 6 times a day.
※Do not use when wearing soft contact lens


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