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DOKKAN Aburadas Superherb Enzyme Gold (150 tablets) 健康本舖 HERB 植物酵素 DOKKAN ABRADAS 金裝加強版 GOLD 150錠

DOKKAN Aburadas Superherb Enzyme Gold (150 tablets) 

健康本舖 HERB 植物酵素 DOKKAN ABRADAS 金裝加強版 GOLD 150錠

Dokkan Aburadasu GOLD (Gold) is based on the 39 kinds of plants, mushrooms fermented product and herbs fiber (several kinds of herbs), is a supplement to the food materials group was well-balanced formulation suitable for diet support.

Amino acids such as L-carnitine and L-arginine, seawater extraction based on 39 kinds of fermented plants and mushrooms containing abundant enzymes and carefully selected herb fiber (several kinds of herb extracts) It is a dieter support * supplement with a unique balance of mono, coral calcium, coenzyme Q10, etc. Furthermore, Bifidobacteria, Fructo-oligosaccharides and Lactic acid bacteria are added to support cleanliness from the inside. Compared to the conventional Abradus, the refreshing herb is increased by 10%, the amino acid is about 5 times, and the popular α-lipoic acid for dieters and the super food “Acai” have been added to the version.


How to use:

  • 4 to 9 tablets a day. Preferably 6 tablets depending on your condition.

dokkan酵素[金色加强版/150粒]DOKKAN ABURA DAS 植物酵素力量金装加强版150粒/盒【价格图片品牌报价】-苏宁易购苏宁自营DOKKAN ABURADAS健康本铺金色植物酵素150粒DOKKAN抖康夜间植物酵素金装加强版150粒- Kuma

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