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ESTHE DEW Lotion (500ml) - White/Acne

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日本@COSME大賞,肌膚也要喝水,重返最佳狀態 skin should drink water and return to the best state

Esthe Dew伊詩露,是日本的一款藥妝品牌,注重天然無添加、高性價比,補水、美白、保濕。品牌最知名的是卸妝水、化妝水產品,價格便宜,效果也非常溫和清爽。旨在為現代年輕女性提供,“讓肌膚重返最佳狀態”,深知萬物初始的生機力量,洞察肌膚特質,竭力摒除有可能刺激不安定肌膚的成分,經由嚴苛審核標準,反复甄選優質低刺激原料,嚴選天然植物精萃幫助緩解肌膚煩惱,帶來盎然生機。                                                                                                             

Esthe Dew is a Japanese cosmeceutical brand, focusing on natural non-additive, high cost performance, hydrating, whitening, and moisturizing. The most well-known brands are makeup remover and lotion products, which are cheap and have a mild and refreshing effect. It aims to provide modern young women with "getting the skin back to its best condition", knowing the original vitality of everything, knowing the characteristics of the skin, striving to get rid of the ingredients that may irritate the restless skin, and repeatedly selecting high-quality products through strict review standards. Low-irritant ingredients, carefully selected natural plant extracts help relieve skin troubles and bring vitality to life.   

五大重點 Five key points:
1.調理肌膚水油平衡 Condition skin water and oil balance
2.補水 鎖水2in1 Make up water 2in1
3.阻隔肌膚直接接觸空氣層 Block skin from direct contact with air
4.軟化角質層,促進吸收 Soften the stratum corneum and promote absorption
5.五種膠原蛋白、五種玻尿酸 Five types of collagen and five types of hyaluronic acid




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