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ISHIZAWA LAB SQS Deep Moisture Facial Lotion (300ml) 石澤研究所 SQS 高浸透保湿化妆水

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ISHIZAWA LAB SQS Deep Moisture Facial Lotion (300ml) 石澤研究所 SQS 高浸透保湿化妆水

  • SQS Deep Concentrate Pore Tightening Solution is a dense serum that targets these pores with with a huge dose of moisture to keep them from expanding.
  • Dense serum that concentrates on nose and cheeks.
  • Even for care of the skin concerned with pores. Intensive care on one cheek & small nose!
  • Tighten your skin and smooth it.
  • By moisturizing with a liquid of a thick looking skin, the skin concerned with pores is plump, plush with skin and skin!
  • Three kinds of hyaluronic acid and rich collagen as moisturizing ingredients soften the skin, rich collagen gives elasticity to the skin Hari Charge!
  • Vegetable powder formulation with the property of adsorbing sebum. Tighten your skin and keep it smooth.

How To Use:

  • After cleansing, pour an appropriate amount onto cotton pad and sweep over entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area.

Sqs High Penetration Moisture Makeup Liquid 300ml for sale online | eBay石泽研究所高渗透保湿化妆水300ml - ebisustore

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