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ISHIZAWA LAB SQS Rich Moisture Make up Cleansing (120g) 石澤研究所 SQS 高保湿卸妆乳

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ISHIZAWA LAB SQS Rich Moisture Make up Cleansing (120g) 石澤研究所 SQS 高保湿卸妆乳

[Details of SQS Highly Moisturizing Makeup Remover]
● Sticky makeup remover that removes persistent eye makeup and keratin plug stains
● Rare volcanic ash white clay (* 1) and minerals raised from the seabed about 400,000 years ago I made a luxurious makeup remover with plenty of seaweed (* 2).
● Easy deep cleansing that blends in with dirt on pores!
● It is a moist and gentle wash.
● W No need to wash your face. It can also be used in the bath.
● Grapefruit essential oil scent
● Skin-friendly mild formulation (no synthetic pigments, no fragrances, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no parabens)
* 1 AL silicate (cleaning / adsorbing ingredient)
* 2 brown algae extract (moisturizing ingredient)

[How to use]
・ Take an appropriate amount and apply it to the area where you are concerned about makeup and pores.
・ When the makeup comes up, rinse it carefully without rubbing.
・ Finally, rinse with cold water to tighten the pores.
* W No need to wash your face.
* If you want to remove makeup that is difficult to remove, we recommend using it on dry hands


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