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KAO BIORE URUOI Milk Body Lotion - 3 Types 牛奶保濕身體乳 - 3款可選 (300ml)

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KAO BIORE URUOI Milk Body Lotion - 3 Types (300ml)

牛奶保濕身體乳 - 3款可選 (300ml)

  • Easy-to-use to firmly moisturizing
  • A body milk to “systemic skin care in 30 seconds”.
  • Plenty of penetration easy to extend milk until the stratum corneum. “Moist until the morning” to confine the moisture for a long time.
  • Moisturizing shea butter, petrolatum formulation. In the same weakly acidic with the skin
  • Can also be used to baby.


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