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KAO Biore UV Barrier Me Cushion Gentle Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ (60g) 花王 碧柔 防花粉微粒子防曬霜

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KAO Biore UV Barrier Me Cushion Gentle Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ (60g) 花王 防花粉微粒子防曬霜


The adhesive cushion film protects against ultraviolet rays (SPF50 + PA ++++) and barriers * to the adhesion of fine particles such as pollen. Moisturized and purulent skin continues. Uru luster essence type. Contains moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, BG). Super waterproof. It is resistant to rubbing of the mask and does not easily come off. Prevents sebum from collapsing and can be used as a makeup base. It can be removed with the usual cleaning fee. * Not all fine particle stains are prevented from adhering.

Sunscreen [for face and body]



Fragrance / color / taste

faint soapy scent


[How to use]
● Apply an appropriate amount little by little to your skin evenly. After conditioning the skin with basic cosmetics on the face and neck, apply it carefully. If the amount is too small, you will not get a sufficient sunscreen effect. Be careful not to get the liquid directly on your clothes, and wait until they are dry before putting them on. To maintain the effect, reapply frequently after wiping off sweat.
● When removing, wash thoroughly with your usual cleanser (face wash, makeup remover, etc., body cleanser, etc.).
● Be sure to close the lid after use.


花王 ビオレUV バリア・ミー クッションジェントルエッセンス 60g ビオレUV の通販 | カテゴリ:日用品・化粧品・医薬品 | 花王  家電通販のコジマネット - 全品代引き手数料無料

花王株式会社 | ビオレUV | バリアMe(バリアミー)

ビオレ UV バリア・ミー クッションジェントルエッセンス Biore 花王 | イオンの公式通販「イオンスタイルオンライン」 | イオンの公式通販  おうちでイオン イオンスタイルオンライン

花王株式会社 | ビオレUV | バリアMe(バリアミー)


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