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KOBAYASHI SAKAMUKEA Liquid Bandage (10g) 小林製藥 液體創可貼

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  • Super thin flexible transparent film dressing covers the injured
  • skin, it dries quickly and stays in place firmly like a second skin.
  • Effectively seals out water contents, dusts and bacteria from entering to the wound area, protecting the wound from infection and supporting natural healing.
  • Prevents pains and traumas caused by water or other foreign particles entering the wound during cooking, cleaning, swimming or other activities.
  • With handy brush applicator, convenient for use and to carry around.
  • Liquid bandage is tested to be low-allergenic, it will not cause skin irritations, safe and reliable to use
  • It is very breathable so it will not interfere with skin ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • The liquid bandage is clear and colourless, making it inconspicuous.

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