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KOKUBO Washing Machine Drum Cleaner (750g) 小久保 非塩素系 洗衣槽清洗劑 750g

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  • Antibacterial + deodorant.
  • Molds, germs, dirt falls down.
  • It is a non-chlorine type washing tank cleaner of strong foaming.
  • Mold, detergent residue, and sebum stain are removed with a powerful foaming power of oxygen bleach.
  • Mold spore removal rate 99.9%.
  • For disinfection and deodorization.
  • To prevent drying odor.
  • It is fragrance free.
  • It is environmentally friendly oxygen based cleaning agent.
  • Selectedly use sodium percarbonate as a domestic raw material.
  • Drop black molds quietly.
  • Use anti-redeposition agent so that dirt that dropped does not reattach.
  • It is a non-chlorinated powder type, chlorine does not remain in the washing tub, you can wash immediately after washing.
  • Application: Washing machine (fully automatic washing machine).
  • You can use it in plastic tank, stainless steel tank.

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