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KOKUBO Waste Oil Harden Solidfier Powder (3 Packs) 小久保炸油料理油凝固劑 (3入)

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KOKUBO Waste Oil Harden Solidfier Powder (3 Packs) 小久保炸油料理油凝固劑 (3入)


◆ A treatment agent that hardens and discards tempura oil
"Hardened Pon" is a powder-type edible oil treatment agent consisting of natural fats and oils. When discarding tempura oil, mix 1 packet (20g) with 600mL of oil and let it cool, then it will solidify into a jelly and be discarded as burnable garbage. It is convenient because the oil can be solidified evenly with the fried dregs. It can be easily peeled off and cleaned up after the tempura pot or frying pan.

If you flush the oil into the sink and throw it away, it may clog the drain pipe and pollute the environment. If you use "Harden Pon", it will not pollute the wastewater, so you can contribute to the SDGs that protect water and the environment.

[How to use]

(1) After cooking, turn off the heat and while the oil is hot (80 degrees or more), add "harden and pong".
(2) Stir well until the "harden and pong" is completely dissolved.
(3) Let the oil cool and leave it until it hardens into a jelly.
(4) Peel off the solidified oil with a spatula and dispose of it as burning garbage.

* When the temperature of the oil is 40 degrees or less, it hardens into a jelly.
* Coagulation time varies depending on room temperature and amount of oil.
* Standard usage: 1 packet (20g) in 600mL of


oil <For cold oil>
Add "harden and pong", reheat the oil until it melts (about 80 degrees), and use according to the procedure.

<If it does not harden> If
the amount of oil is too large, it will not harden. Add "harden and pong" and reheat the oil until it melts (about 80 degrees) and follow the procedure.



◎ A treatment agent that solidifies waste cooking oil into a jelly and discards it. Natural oil and fat component, powder type.
◎ 600mL of oil can be solidified with one packet (20g) of "Consolidate Pon". 3 packs.
◎ The oil hardens evenly. The fried dregs are also hardened together.
◎ When it hardens, it can be peeled off from the pot. Cleaning up pots and pans is also easy.
◎ Oil treatment can be done easily without soiling your hands or kitchen.
◎ It can be thrown away without flowing oil. It does not pollute wastewater, protects water and the environment, and contributes to the SDGs.
◎ Renewed to a compact bag package. You can easily buy it without taking up space for storage.
◎ No need to worry about oil stains and water stains with plastic bags.
◎ Made in Japan.


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