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KOUJI HIME Face Mask Sakura Sake (7pcs/pack)

KOUJI HIME Face Mask Sakura Sake

日本傳統美容,酒不只好喝還能保養,『麴』的精華KOUJI HIME糀姬最懂!

Traditional Japanese beauty, wine is not only good to drink but also to maintain, the essence of "麴" KOUJI HIME is best understood!

在日本『糀』之意為麴。『麴』是日本酒的原料,是守護日本人肌膚的傳統美容重要成分,產量非常稀少且珍貴。日本保養研究學家意外發現釀酒的師傅無論工作到幾歲,他們仍然擁有一雙細緻且透白如少女般的玉手 !萃取2倍『麴』精華,美肌效果倍增,麴的功效擁有抗老、美白、抗酸化、抗醣化的功效。此面膜同時還添加日本酒、米、酒粕、米糠等美肌成分,為乾燥毛孔與肌膚補足豐厚滋潤。100%棉製面膜,將濃厚美容液密封於肌膚之中。因此日本肌膚研究所便在保養品內添加了『糀』成分,讓肌膚更加細緻透亮,『糀姬』保養品牌就此誕生。

"糀" means "麴" in Japan. "麴" is the raw material of Japanese sake, and it is an important ingredient of traditional beauty that protects Japanese skin. The yield is very rare and precious. Japanese maintenance researchers have unexpectedly discovered that no matter how old the master of brewing is, they still have a pair of delicate and white-like jade hands! Extracting 2 times the essence of "麴", the beauty effect is doubled, and the effect of 麴 has anti-aging, Whitening, anti-acidification, anti-glycation effect. This mask also adds beauty ingredients such as Japanese sake, rice, rice meal, and rice bran to make up dry pores and skin. 100% cotton mask, which seals the thick beauty liquid into the skin. Therefore, the Japan Skin Research Institute has added the "糀" ingredient to skin care products to make the skin more delicate and translucent, and the "糀 糀" maintenance brand was born.

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