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KRACIE HADABISEI Green Tea Acne Care Moist Mask (5 pcs) 肌美精綠茶去痘面膜五入

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KRACIE HADABISEI Green Tea Acne Care Moist Mask (5 pcs)

  • Sheet mask series that can be selected according to skin problems and easy special care.
  • Select the most suitable sheet x beauty essence for each skin problem.
  • For adult acne that can be repeated.
  • Acne prevention care leads to smooth and healthy skin.
  • Skin beauty's original beautiful skin texture ingredient Ex (apple extract, adlay extract, pearl extract, peony extract) (skin conditioning ingredient) is blended to lead to smooth skin and approach skin problems.
  • Contains the penetration-promoting ingredient CHD.
  • Increases penetration into the stratum corneum.
  • Plenty of beauty essence 17.1ml.
  • Large format sheet firmly adopted up to the chin.
  • No fragrance, no coloring.

How to use:

  • After washing your face carefully,
  • Put it on your forehead while paying attention to the position of your eyes.
  • Pull left and right to align your eyes.
  • From the nose to the cheeks, let the air out and make them stick together.
  • Align the mouth and chin, and pull them upwards to bring them into close contact.
  • Leave it for 5 to 15 minutes (about 20 minutes if you are more concerned about dry skin) before removing the mask.
  • Apply the beauty essence left on your face by hand.

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