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LION For Junior Toothpaste (60g)

LION For Junior Toothpaste (60g)

 A medicated toothpaste for children that contains fluorine and enzymes to protect the permanent teeth of elementary and junior high school students from worm teeth.

● Fluorine strengthens the tooth structure and prevents tooth loss.

● Dextranase enzyme chemically decomposes and removes plaque.

● Contains a cleaning scrub that enhances the effect of removing plaque.

● Contains xylitol, a natural sweetener.

● It is not spicy and has a gentle mint flavor, so it is recommended for elementary and junior high school students as a step-up from the Clinica kids series and as a mint flavor debut item.

● By blending lion's unique non-spicy natural mint, the gentle mint flavor lasts for a long time.上品】 ライオン クリニカ Jr.ハミガキ やさしいミント 60g 薬用ハミガキ

クリニカJr.小・中学生にオススメ やさしいミント味(ハミガキ 60g×3個+デンタルリンス 450ml) ライオン LION【送料無料】  コスメボックス PayPayモール店 - 通販 - PayPayモール

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