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MICHE BLOOMIN Eyelash Glue (5ml) 蜜琪睫睫 假睫毛黏著劑

MICHE BLOOMIN Eyelash Glue (5ml) 蜜琪睫睫 假睫毛黏著劑



An alcohol-free prescription for false eyelashes that is gentle on sensitive skin.
It is resistant to sweat and water and cannot remove false eyelashes all day long. It has a soft design that is reminiscent of the natural series.
Contents 5ml
Ingredients Acrylic resin (50%), water (50%)
How to use
(1) Apply this product (adhesive for false eyelashes) to the base of false eyelashes with a brush attached to the cap so that it does not stick out.
(2) After applying, wait for several tens of seconds until the adhesive dries from milky white to transparent. Be sure to dry it before gluing.
* Do not adhere to the eyelids until the adhesive dries from milky white to transparent. Please note that the non-drying adhesive will be difficult to remove if it gets on your eyelids.
(3) Put false eyelashes on top of your eyelashes at the very limit of your eyelashes.
(4) Turn your gaze downward and lightly press in the order of center → inner corner of eye → outer corner of eye to blend with your own eyelashes.

How to Peel Off

Gently remove from the outer corner of the eye and remove the adhesive on the false eyelashes.
* If any adhesive remains on the eyelids, gently remove it with cleansing or washing pigment without rubbing it forcibly.

Eyelash Glue

Miche Bloomin Designed as an anti-perspiration, water-resistant, and  ultra-powerful eyelash glue-Canada-Japan Online Shopping - Hommi

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