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MIZUHASHI HOJYUDO Emulsion Remover (200ml)

Mizuhashi Hojudo emulsion remover mint type is a Japanese cleansing lotion that dissolves sebum impurities and makeup residues. It also cleanses other residues unclogs the pores, lifting them up to purify the skin. 

It also tones up your skin by tightening your pores that have expanded and eliminates angular stoppers.

Emulsion remover is suitable for oily scalp, oily skin, facial acne, back acne, darkened pores, sagging skin, and insufficient cleansing.

  • Use after cleansing. 
  • Just spray on the desired area and let it drip.
  • Excess oil, sebum impurities and other residues will dissolve.
  • Rinse gently with water.
  • Apply day and/or night before moisturizing your skin.

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