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NICHIBAN Roihi-Tsuboko (dia 2.8cm; 156pcs) 溫感膏藥貼156片入

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NICHIBAN Roihi-Tsuboko (dia 2.8cm; 156pcs) 溫感膏藥貼156片入

Easy-to-apply round shape

This round, 2.8 cm diameter sized plaster is easy to apply and pinpoints spots needing relief. Despite its surprisingly small size, the plaster soothes quickly with a tingling heating effect. Box contains a convenient 156 plasters.

Tingling heat stimulation

Wow! Barely noticeable! Amazing! Adheres firmly

The plaster is a beige color that blends with the skin (in other works, skin-tone), so unless you look at it up close, it is barely perceptible to the eye. Not only that, the plaster has outstanding adhesiveness!
Using NICHIBAN’s unique technology cultivated through tape manufacturing, the plaster fits perfectly against stiffness in the shoulders and other areas of the body and does not easily fall off, even with vigorous movement. In fact, the plaster feels so comfortable on the skin, you’ll forget its even there.

Wow, no staining!

These plasters are made with rayon cloth, which is water-resistant and highly durable, preventing mild staining. In this aspect, too, please enjoy the essence of NICHIBAN’s technology, which is continuously developing adhesive plasters that give careful consideration to the skin.

Caution: Be sure to remove ROIHI-TSUBOKO™ before taking a bath.

If you take a bath with the plaster attached, you may experience a burning sensation in the area where the plaster is attached.
Be sure to remove ROIHI-TSUBOKO? 30 minutes to one hour before taking a bath.
Please be careful when using ROIHI-TSUBOKO™ in combination with other heat-generating devices (kotatsu foot warmer, electric carpet, disposable heating pads, electric blankets, etc.) as this may intensify the heat stimulation.

Contains 156 plasters
12 plasters x 13 sheets

Made in Japan

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