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OKAMOTO Condoms Zero One 0.01mm (3 pcs) 岡本Okamoto 0.01 超薄超潤滑保險套3個裝

OKAMOTO Condoms Zero One 0.01mm (3 pcs) 岡本Okamoto 0.01 超薄超潤滑保險套3個裝


[Product details of Okamoto Zero One Plenty of Jelly]
● The thinnest in Okamoto history! Condoms with a uniform thinness in the 0.01 mm range (measured by our company)

・ Condoms can only be used once per item. Please use a new condom every time.
・ Be sure to read the instruction manual before using this product.
Proper use of condoms is effective in contraception and reduces the risk of contracting many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but does not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
・ Keep it in this package and store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity. Also, do not store it with volatile substances such as insect repellent.


Bao cao su Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm 3 cái (2 loại) Thêm bôi trơn JVMART39

楽天市場】【即納】オカモト001OKAMOTO 0.01ゼロワンたっぷりゼリー(3コ入)避妊具 コンドームこんどーむオカモト0.01OKAMOTO  0.01体にやさしい 0.01ミリ【4547691765772】 : KITAKAWA PLAZA 楽天市場店

OKAMOTO 0.01mm Rich Lubricant 3 Pcs/Box - Oceanbuy

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