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OMI BROTHERHOOD Menturm EX (150g) 近江兄弟EX保濕護膚霜

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OMI BROTHERHOOD Menturm EX (150g)  近江兄弟EX保濕護膚霜

Dry skin with itching (xeroderma in the elderly and adults, dry skin in children)

Dermatoses such as dry skin and xeroderma are accompanied by unpleasant itching that cannot be controlled.

  • It is characterized by severe itching in winter when the air is dry, after bathing or when the body warms up at bedtime, and it becomes more and more itchy and worse.
  • Omi Brothers Menterm EX is an anti-itch ingredient, diphenhydramine hydrochloride and lidocaine, which quickly suppress itching.
  • The moisturizing ingredient, urea, treats dry skin, which is the cause of itching and dryness, and breaks the vicious cycle of itching, leading to smooth and fresh skin.

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