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OMI Brothers Inc. Lip Cream (5g) 近江兄弟護唇膏

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OMI Brothers Inc. Lip Cream (5g) 近江兄弟護唇膏

“Mentamu medicated sticks regular” is a classic long products of lip care. Menthol, refreshing scent. Protect your lips from the dry air, and smooth to prevent rough and dry. Pharmaceutical is a quasi-drugs.

  • Contains moisturizing and soothing factors, no coloring, slight fragrance, no chemical agents
  • Contains no artificial fragrances and pigments, it is a plant-based lip balm that gently cares for the delicate lips
  • Unique double moisturizing vitamin E, smooth and delicate texture, showing a shiny and transparent feeling
  • Contains Vitamin E to effectively prevent lip lines, chapped, peeling, etc.

近江兄弟天然植物薄荷润唇膏4g滋润补水防干裂-唯品会新版日本进口OMI近江兄弟薄荷润唇膏滋润保湿防裂无色女男士4g - 小编推荐- WePost 全民代运- 马来西亚中国淘宝代运与集运专家

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