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PIGEON Insect Repellent Sticker (60pcs) 貝親精油防蚊貼 (60 枚)

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● It is a type of sticker that is impregnated with the essential oil of herbs that are said to dislike insects and can be attached to clothes and strollers.
● Simply attach it to clothes, strollers, and other products around you, and the essential oil of herbs will evaporate continuously from the sticker, making it difficult for insects to approach.
● Duration: Approximately 6 hours * Varies depending on the usage environment.
● Refreshing, citrus scent
● Three fun animal illustrations included!
● Diet-free
● Target age from 0 months

・ Repellent of unpleasant pests such as chironomids and strollers (type to be attached to clothes and strollers)

[How to use]
・ Peel off the stickers one by one, shirt cuffs and collar, Put it on your pants, skirt hem, hat, stroller hood or back of seat.
* Do not apply directly to the skin.

[Usage guideline]
・ About 6 places at a time

[Storage method]
・ Store out of reach of children.
・ When storing, close the zipper tightly and use as soon as possible.
・ Do not store in direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures.
* Please dispose of it as burning garbage after use.


Miếng Dán Chống Muỗi Pigeon Nhật Bản (60 miếng) Konni39 Phú Hòa

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