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POLA B.A Wash Anti-aging Face Wash Foam (100g) 寶麗 賦顏晨光豐盈潔面乳

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((2021 NEW)) POLA B.A Wash Anti-aging Face Wash Foam (100g) 賦顏晨光豐盈潔面乳

"B.A "is a superior anti-ageing brand among a number of POLA brands

- Thick and rich bubble packs your face and washes out blots in horny cell layers
- Contains EG clear extract of Japanese astragalus which POLA's original moisturizing ingredient
- Floral woody note

Instruction of Use
1. Put the proper amount of B.A Wash on your palm and make rich foam with warm water.
2. Massage gently with fingertips and rinse well
*Use day and night. You can use 1 bottle for 100 days

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