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GABAIYOIKA POREZ Nose Pore Clear Pack (17g)

GABAIYOIKA POREZ Nose Pore Clear Pack (17g)

It’s time to clean those pores with the ultimate peel off the pack by Japanese brand Porez! This product can be applied straight from the tube without getting your hands dirty. It includes Moroccan lava clay and charcoal to absorb pore impurities to make your nose squeaky clean!

1. Wash your face and apply the product directly from the tube.
2. Wait about 15 minutes until the pack is completely dry and peel it off gently. 
3. After, tone skin with lotion, milk lotion.

楽天市場】アウトレット特価 POREZ ポアズクリアパック PR-01 はがす ...


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