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ROHTO C Cube Soft One Cool Contact Care Solution (500ml)

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ROHTO C Cube Soft One Cool Contact Care Solution (500ml)

  • It is a cleaning agent for soft lenses that can be used for all soft and disposable lenses. Scrubbing, disinfecting, protein removal, rinsing, and storage are all done with this one. With a pH close to tears, it is gentle on the eyes. Quasi-drugs

How To Use:

Before handling soft contact lenses, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

  • Place the soft contact lenses removed from the scrubbing eyes on the palm of your hand. Apply a few drops of this agent to the surface of the lens and gently scrub both sides of the lens 20-30 times with your finger.
  • Rinse and rinse both sides of the scrubbed soft contact lenses thoroughly with this agent.
  • Disinfection / preservation
  • Fill the lens case with this agent, completely immerse the lens, and close the case lid tightly. If you leave it for 4 hours or more, disinfection will be completed. For the lens and eyes, it is recommended to rinse with this agent before wearing.


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