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SABORINO Botanical Morning Face Mask (28 Sheets)

SABORINO Botanical Morning Face Mask (28 Sheets)

Saborino Botanical Morning Face Mask: Skincare from facial cleansing completed in 60 seconds! A refreshing type sheet mask which can be used without washing the face rising in the morning. This is a summer edition face mask that is formulated with jojoba seed oil, peppermint, and clary sage which gives hydrating and soothing effects. This daily use sheet mask has the functions of a facial wash, skincare, and moisturizing primer in one quick step.

How to use

Take one sheet out of the pack and apply it to the face evenly right after you wake up. Leave it there for 60 seconds then remove the mask and gently swipe across the skin of the face, neck and gently remove any dirt and debris.


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