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SATO Nazel Spray Pump (30ml) 佐藤製藥鼻炎噴劑

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SATO Nazel Spray Pump (30ml) 佐藤製藥鼻炎噴劑


● Small mist-like particles spread in the nasal cavity, stuffy nose, and runny nose.
● Naphazoline hydrochloride constricts blood vessels in the nasal cavity, suppresses congestion and inflammation, and improves nasal passage.
● By the action of chlorpheniramine maleate, allergic symptoms in the nasal cavity are suppressed and the effect is shown.
● A spray that can spray a certain amount of chemicals. Once sprayed, the liquid does not flow back into the container, so it is hygienic.


Adults (15 years old and over) and 7 to 14 years old ・ ・ ・ Dosing once: 1 to 2 times, Number of times of daily use: Up to 6 times, spray into the nasal cavity. The application interval should be at least 3 hours.
Under 7 years old ... Please do not use.

(1) Please strictly observe the specified usage / dose.
(2) Excessive use may cause a stuffy nose.
(3) If you want to use it for children, please use it under the guidance and supervision of parents.
(4) Please use only for nasal drops.


[How to use]
-Remove the head cover.
・ Hold the tip of the container upward and press it several times until the chemical solution becomes a mist.
・ Blow your nose to improve the passage of the nasal cavity, put the container straight into the nasal cavity, and spray while gently inhaling.
・ After use, wipe the nozzle with tissue paper to cover it.
(Precautions for use)
(1) Before use, blow your nose and keep your nasal passages clear.
(2) When using for the first time, press it several times until the liquid comes out.
(3) If the container is used sideways, the chemical solution will not atomize, so be sure to turn it upward.
(4) Do not poke the tip of the nozzle with a needle, etc., as it is dangerous if it breaks.
(5) After use, wipe the nozzle with tissue paper to keep it clean.


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