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SHISEIDO ELIXIR Enriched Wrinkle Cream L (22g) 怡麗絲爾 眼唇撫紋精華霜 增量版

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SHISEIDO ELIXIR Enriched Wrinkle Cream L (22g) 怡麗絲爾 眼唇撫紋精華霜 增量版


[Elixir Enriched Wrinkle Cream L Medicinal Wrinkle Improvement Hari Product Details]
● Pure retinol. Quasi-drugs that improve wrinkles.
● For shining skin without worrying about wrinkles.
● Contains pure retinol *, a medicinal active ingredient that acts on the epidermis and dermis. It produces hyaluronic acid, increases the amount of water, leads to soft skin, increases the collagen density of the dermis, and improves wrinkles.
* Retinol
● Pleasant aqua floral scent
● Allergy tested (not all people are allergic)


How to Use

・ At the end of morning and evening care Take one small pearl grain on your fingertips and gently apply it to areas where wrinkles are a concern, such as around the eyes and mouth.
* If you use it in the morning, please use cosmetics that have a UV blocking effect after use to protect the effect of retinol.


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