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SHISEIDO The Collagen Drink (50ml x 10)

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SHISEIDO The Collagen Drink (50ml x 10)

  • Shiseido Bone Collagen Oral Solution is based on low-molecular-weight fish bone collagen. It is also a patented compound that contains eucommia ulmoides leaves, Korean carrots, lotus germ, amura fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10. Beauty drinks.
  • Shiseido Collagen Beverage contains a variety of beauty ingredients.The collagen (bone gelatin) helps the formation of collagen fibers in the skin tissue, can prevent skin aging, lighten wrinkles, improve skin firmness, balance oil secretion, and can promote Metabolism of skin cells.

How to use:
Take a bottle daily, before or after meals. It is recommended to take 1-2 hours before going to bed at night.

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