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SPA Treatment Aging-Care Eye (Red) 60 pcs 蛇毒護理精華緊緻眼膜

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SPA Treatment Aging-Care Eye (Red) 60 pcs 蛇毒護理精華緊緻眼膜

The enhanced version of the snake venom eye mask, which is composed of 150 types of growth factors, is composed of HAS, which is a component of human fat-derived stem cell culture medium.
No matter what type of skin you are, it is particularly easy to absorb. It can repair damaged skin, restore your skin's lustre, beautiful, whiten, moisturize and repair skin,
Strongly fights eye problems such as eye lines, bags under the eyes, dark circles, dullness, dryness, etc. It also acts to eliminate the law lines. Improve the ability of eye cells to repair and grow.

No alcohol at all, low irritation! No fragrance, no colouring, no mineral oil, no petroleum-based surfactants!


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