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(($ 29.99 EVENT)) TRANSINO Whitening Facial Clear Wash (100g)

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(($ 29.99 EVENT)) TRANSINO Whitening Facial Clear Wash (100g)

This medicinal facial cleanser has a small foam that sticks to the skin, removes excess keratin and dark areas of the pores, and washes out the translucent and shiny skin, gives your face a brightening look.  Contains 50% moisturizing ingredients, medicinal anti-rough ingredients, and vitamin C. Low irritation, no fragrance, no coloring, and allergy testing. 2017 @cosme cosmetics awards first place in the cleansing department.


1 Add 50% moisturizing ingredients to cleanse the face while giving the skin plenty of moisture.
2 Add medicinal anti-rough ingredients, vitamin C and other active ingredients to effectively prevent skin aging and keep your skin young.
3 Fully consider the skin-friendly formula, low irritation, no fragrance, no coloring, has passed allergy test.
4 With the whitening active ingredient “tranexamic acid”, it blocks the “spot information” of melanin, which makes the skin translucent and lustrous.

Internal volume

How to use
Each time squeeze a 3 cm length of cleanser, add a proper amount of water to form a rich foam, gently massage the face with a foam, then wash with water or warm water.

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