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Tripod Caldron Tasting Glass for Rich Aromas

How Do You Take Your Whiskey?

A Good Drinking Vessel Elevates Your Tasting Experience to The Next Level.

Good whiskey requires time to savor. 

We’re not chugging it down to get drunk. Instead, we want the sensation of each sip to last.

That's why matured whiskey deserves a time-honored drinking vessel to bring out its best.

Meet Tripod Caldron Tasting Glass, an antique-inspired glassware, specially designed for whiskey tasting and nosing. 

Drawing inspiration from the shape of bronze wine goblets used in Imperial China, this Caldron glass embodies the ancient drinking culture of the Orient.


The shape of the glass can determine how the liquor flows and strength of its smell. It thereby affects the aroma, tasting notes, balance and aftertaste of liquor.

Above picture is quoted from the report of CNN Style “Can the shape and design of a glass affect the taste of wine?”. It shows a research in Tokyo to use “Sniff-Cam” to measure the distribution of ethanol (red color) vaporizing from differently-shaped glasses.

The unique shape of Caldron glass is specifically designed for tasting the complex and rich flavors. It features a slightly out-turned lip, leading the liquid to hit the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived, accentuating the silky and creamy texture present in some whiskeys.

The distinctive shape concentrates rich aroma and vapor in its round belly, and let the fruity and floral bouquets flows naturally along the flared rim. The glass influences the taste of the spirit, emphasizing different flavor notes.

Tripod Feature: Triangle structure is the most balanced and steady stand, and it enables drinkers to hold the drink firmly. The Tripod Glass aims to revive elegance & grace in modern drinking culture.

Best for tasting liquors with rich aroma. We recommend Caldron Glass for Bourbon whiskey and Scotch from Speyside.


We teamed up with experienced glass masters to manually produce and polish the Tripod Glass collection. You can feel the sleek form between your fingertip, as we present the high-quality glass for your finest whiskey.

By fusing the design of the days of yore with modern tasting science, the Tripod Tasting Glass presents drinkers with diverse choices in taste and delivers the most exquisite texture.

Product Information

Dimension: Dia. 65 mm H 115 mm, Minimum Dia. 48 mm

Weight: 70g

Capacity: 215ml /7.5 oz

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Handcrafted. Each and every glass is unique.

Designed in Taiwan

Cleaning & Precautions:

  • The product is handmade, so there may be irregularities in the texture of the glass & slight differences in shape between the cups.
  • Because the thin wall, avoid washing it in the dishwasher. Gently place ice cubes and other hard objects in the glass to avoid breaking it.
Each and every glass is unique.Each and every glass is unique.

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