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VENTELIN KOWA Medical Idea Knee Pads - L (37 ~ 40 cm) / LL (40 ~ 43 cm) KOWA保溫加厚保暖護膝

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VENTELIN KOWA Medical Idea Knee Pads - L (37 ~ 40 cm) / LL (40 ~ 43 cm)

Self-heat fiber made with moisture absorbing thermal material support your knee warmly and let you go up and down the stairs easily. 
Feature 1
Self-heat fiber made with moisture absorption material supports the knee with warmth and makes it easy to go up and down the stairs.

Self-heat fiber keeps you warm well!
The thermal fiber absorbs the moisture from sweat and convert the kinetic energy from the moisture into heat energy. It supports your knees warmly in cold weather.
正品保证 保税仓速发】万特力日本KOWA保温加厚保暖发热护膝
Feature 2
U shaped taping structures support the bottom knee both sides and suppress rubbing on the knee.

Just by wearing Vantelin supporter, it supports the movement of the knee and makes it easier to step forward.

Long size design covers wider area than the normal knee supporter so it supports your knees warmly.
Feature 3
Slit knit support structure lets your knees bend and stretch easily. It reduces the supporter from sliding and reduces the wedging when bending. Also, mesh material lets the moisture through while fitting and supporting the knee.

There are 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

How to determine the proper size.
Measure the circumference of the knee over the kneecap.

・ Small: 31cm-34cm
・ Medium: 34cm-37cm
・ Large: 37cm-40cm
* If two sizes apply, choose the larger one.

For either right or left, item 1-count.
Made in Japan

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