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WHITE CONC Vitamin C White Body Scrub Gommage (180g)


This foamy scrub with white clay makes for a body that is smooth to the touch. Massage it over darkened areas or rough elbows, knees, heels, decollete etc.

Gommage (white clay) smoothly sloughs off dead skin and the built-up melanin that causes sun/age spots and darkened areas. Recommended for ashy elbows, knees, and heels as well as for the rough skin on backs, buttocks, uppers arms, etc. Brightens skin with Vitamin C derivatives, mulberry extract, and bearberry extract!

The lovely scent of grapefruit will flood your shower!

The stain and darkening of the body increases without noticing knowledge and it will become thicker. Especially, the skin after sunburn and skin under friction of underwear gradually become pigmented. The White Conk series is a body care product for people who want to keep beautiful forever white forever.
It is a scrub for the body to wash off old horny containing melanin which causes spots and darkness smoothly.
Elbow, knee, heel, etc., where darkness is anxious. It is recommended for backs, buttocks, lower arms etc. where you are concerned with roses.

Product Size (width × depth × height): 82mmx48mmx185mm Country of origin: Japan Contents: 180g

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