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YANAGIYA Honten Pomade Large (120g) 柳屋本店 POMADE微香性男性造型 髮蠟

YANAGIYA Honten Pomade Large (120g)
柳屋本店 POMADE微香性男性造型 髮蠟

  • Super-holding formula

YANAGIYA Hair Pomade delivers original hair dressing for men! Solid-form pomade that suits the Japanese hard hair type. Botanical pomade with high viscosity allows for solid hair styling of men’s hard, thick hair. Many fans have supported the original hair dressing since its release, and it’s still popular. Big 120g size. The lightest feel among the series products. Oil-free and non-sticky. Delivers the natural wet look just after shower. Yanagiya was established in 1615, providing high quality hair care and styling products to the Japanese for over 400 years. Yanagiya Pomade (Large) 120g : Beauty & Personal CareYANAGIYA Hair Pomade 120g Since 1615 - Made in Japan - TAKASKI.COM