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(2021 NEW) SHISEIDO SENKA Perfect Whip Collagen In Face Wash 120g 超微米彈潤潔顏乳

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(2021 NEW) SHISEIDO SENKA Perfect Whip Collagen In (120g)
超微米彈潤潔顏乳 (120g)

The dense silk protein bubble with collagen beauty essence
washes out elastic and moisturized skin

  • Dense silk protein bubbles added with collagen beauty lotion to
    wash out elastic and rich skin
  • Add 60% moisturizing beauty lotion.
  • Using moisturizing technology, the skin is more moisturized after washing.
  • Added silk protein moisturizing essence *1 , double hyaluronic acid*2 and collagen formula *3 .
  • Gentle and elegant floral fragrance.

Japan's Shiseido's new pink Perfect Whip Cleansing Milk Collagen Moisturizing Cleansing Milk 120g is based on the blue regular model, added with collagen beauty serum ingredients to make the skin full and elastic. The beauty serum 60% is combined with moisturizing. Pouring technology, containing natural hyaluronic acid, collagen GL, milk essence, etc., mild floral fragrance.

  • Silky cream-like, just a little bit can make a lot of dense bubbles, the amount is super saving, can deeply clean the skin
  • Remove the barrier cream or sunscreen
  • The dense foam and collagen beauty lotion fully cooperate with each other to maximize The feature is that it contains multiple moisturizing ingredients, containing 60% beauty serum, and adopts the technology of introducing moisturizing
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen GL, silk protein ingredients, lubricating and not tight after washing
  • Beauty serum ingredients, softening keratin lock Holds moisture and improves skin tightness
  • no soap, fine foam, mild and non-irritating
  • contains collagen, effectively keeps the skin moisture
  • the product is milky and tastes refreshing

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